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Is HIFU ultrasound treatment safe

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Ultrasound HIFU beauty machine is a non-surgical skin tightening treatment, that uses medical aesthetic focused ultrasound technology to bypass the epidermis and heat the energy to 65-70°C and condense it into a large number of extremely fine hot spots. It is a one-time treatment with natural and progressive results that last from one to two years (results vary from person to person), with precision and without damaging the surrounding tissue.  

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The principle of HIFU ultrasound treatment

HIFU technology focuses high-energy ultrasound waves on the superficial musculotendinous system (SMAS), a deep layer of tissue below the dermis that connects fat to the superficial muscles of the face. The SMAS layer is tightened and lifted from outside the body, resulting in a fascial suspension and facelift. SMAS HIFU machine helps to control and eliminate fat in the five "fat pockets" of the face and eliminate facial puffiness, contouring the cheekbones and chin, while refining pores, lifting and firming the skin and evening out skin tone.

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Is HIFU ultrasound treatment safe

HIFU ultrasound is different from injections and other micropigmentation procedures. Like a traditional facelift, it is a treatment that lifts and tightens the SMAS layer of the skin in its original state.

Is HIFU ultrasound suitable for everyone

In fact, no medical aesthetic technique is suitable for everyone, and this is also the case with HIFU ultrasound treatment. The following people are not suitable for HIFU ultrasound: If you are over 70 years old and have severe skin laxity, I think HIFU ultrasound is no longer suitable for you! They are more in need of remodelling of the skeletal support structure. Pregnant women, patients with severe heart disease and diabetes, such people should be guided by their doctor in choosing a suitable beauty solution.

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Does HIFU ultrasound treatment hurt

HIFU ultrasound treatment, when performed by a professional aesthetician, does not cause significant pain. Very few people may experience slight discomfort pain due to their own perception, so there is no need to feel worried.

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Advantageous features of HIFU ultrasound

1. Deepest: direct action on the deep fascia (SMAS) layer.

2. The hottest temperature: non-invasive stimulation of deep collagen and elastin growth.

3. Incredibly precise: focused ultrasound positioning, precise treatment without harming the surrounding tissue.

4. Quickly visible: the lifting and tightening effect can be achieved quickly.

5. No recovery period: the treatment does not affect your life and work.

6. No surgery: no wounds, no more microdermabrasion or surgery.

7. Long-lasting effect: long-lasting firming contour lift.

8. Comfortable process: the energy only sweeps through the epidermis, no pain on the epidermis.

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The effects of HIFU ultrasound treatment

1. Overall skin tightening.

2. Eye lifting and improvement of under-eye bags.

3. Reduction of wrinkles such as crow's feet, tear lines, tiger lines, neck lines, etc.

4. Lifting of cheeks and cheek lines.

5. Improve double chin.

6. Collagen growth to improve skin texture.


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