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Q switched ND YAG laser tattoo removal machine for sale

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The Q switched ND YAG laser tattoo removal machine uses the leading international Q-switched technology to remove tattoos, freckles, nevus of Ota and many other pigmented conditions. Bvlaser is the best ND YAG laser machine manufacturer, we have long pulsed ND YAG laser machine for sale.

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How the ND YAG laser works

The Q-switched Nd: YAG laser produces two different wavelengths of laser light, 532nm and 1064nm. The laser energy is released in a very short time and can instantly pass through the epidermis to the deeper layers of the skin, causing the pigment particles to be instantly crushed without damaging the surrounding normal tissue structure. The crushed pigment particles are then engulfed by the body's macrophages and excreted from the body, resulting in healing without leaving scars.

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ND YAG laser treatment range

The 1064nm wavelength is strongly absorbed by blue and black, and is suitable for nevus of Ota, tattoos, eyebrow tattooing, etc. The long pulse non-Q switched can be effectively applied to non-invasive facial skin rejuvenation and whitening, improving chloasma, coarse pores, reducing fine wrinkles, making the skin smooth and white, and increasing elasticity. 532nm wavelength is strongly absorbed by red, yellow and brown, and is suitable for the treatment of epidermal It is suitable for the treatment of pigmented diseases of the epidermis and for the removal of superficial red and coffee colours, such as freckles and red tattoos.

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ND YAG laser machine advantages

1. Dynamic laser, more concentrated energy, more selective destruction of pigment particles.

2. Maximum spot diameter up to 8 mm, frequency up to 10 Hz, can be treated quickly and over a large area.

3. No damage to surrounding normal tissues and recovery within a short time after treatment.

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Myths about ND YAG laser tattoo removal

1. Tattoos can be removed off at any time.

Tattoos can not be removed at any time, within three months of the tattoo, ND YAG laser removal can not be carried out, it will make your skin suffer secondary damage. If it is necessary for work, it is necessary to clean the tattoo in advance, because it takes a cycle to wash and recover from the tattoo.

2. Tattoos can be removed off once.

If the tattoo is deep, it is difficult to completely eliminate it through a single treatment and usually requires several sessions to achieve the best results. The number of tattoos and tattoo area, colour, the use of pigment have a greater relationship.

3. Tattoo removing will leave scars.

The ND YAG laser will not damage the skin, except in the case of severe scarring. After treatment through appropriate care will be able to restore the original appearance of the skin, but there are some people with scars may appear scars, so before treatment, you should tell the diagnosing physician personal physical condition, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

4. There are many ways to removal tattoos.

The market is full of methods to wash tattoos, chemical etching method, liquid nitrogen freezing method, skin grinding method, electrocautery method, potion cleaning, etc., but the scientific nature of some methods are still to be examined. With the development of science, after a lot of research and clinical application practice, no damage to the skin of the ND YAG laser tattoo washing has been very mature, in the regular hospital equipped with professional physicians and equipment can safely wash away unsatisfactory tattoos.


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