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The scope of laser hair removal treatment

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Some people have very little hair, which is hardly noticeable, while others have a lot of hair. In fact, boys are better off, after all, it seems to be normal for boys to have heavy hair, but many girls are very distressed by the problem of their own heavy hair. After all, who does not want a smooth body, which leads many girls to choose hair removal.

In the past, technology was not developed and hair removal could only be done with a scraper, but this did not remove the hair completely, made it heavier and heavier. Later, there was waxing, although the hair was removed cleanly, it was easy to damage the skin and the pain was very strong, making it painful to remove the hair. Now, with advanced technology, there is types of laser hair removal machines, which is not only clean, but also almost painless, and can be called the most perfect way to remove hair. However, there are people who are not suitable for laser hair removal treatment.

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Who is not suitable for laser hair removal treatment

1. In the recent use of hair removal cream people are not immediately can do laser hair removal, because hair removal cream belongs to the chemical, the stimulation of the skin, and hair removal cream stay on the skin for a long time, if at this time do laser hair removal, the more sensitive skin people will appear skin allergy, or even occur rash condition, so, if you are ready to do laser hair removal treatment, at least in a month No hair removal creams can be used.

2. If the area where you want to remove hair is inflamed or has a wound, you can't have laser hair removal either.

3. If you like to do sunbathing and have just been exposed to the sun recently, then you can't do laser hair removal certification, the skin after exposure to the sun will be more fragile, there are some wounds that can't be seen by the naked eye, if you have laser hair removal at this time, it is easy to produce stress reactions or allergies, so in the month before doing laser hair removal, you can't do sunbathing or exposure to the sun.

4. This kind of people who are not suitable for laser hair removal, I believe we can all understand, then is pregnant women and maternity during breastfeeding, such people are relatively sensitive, try to avoid laser hair removal, if you really want to hair removal, try to wait six months, then laser hair removal.

The four types of people mentioned above should not do laser hair removal as much as possible, and even the best technology should be different from person to person, so don't force it and cause counterproductive effects.

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What are the types of laser hair removal machines

Types of laser hair removal machines can be divided into long pulse laser hair removal, strong pulse laser hair removal, diode laser hair removal and so on.

Long pulse laser hair removal is a heavy duty laser for thicker and coarser hairs and for people with darker skin tones. Intense pulsed light acts on the hair follicle and destroys the hair follicle tissue to achieve hair removal. The wavelength and power level of the IPL can be adjusted to suit the individual's skin tone and body hair quality. Diode lasers have longer wavelengths and can provide better hair removal results for people with darker skin tones. Long pulse laser hair removal is more destructive to hair follicle tissue than lasers such as intense pulsed light and diode lasers, and therefore better for sustained hair removal results. It is also important to follow a course of treatment for any laser hair removal to achieve more significant results.

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What are the dangers of laser hair removal

1. The best medical laser hair removal machine generally does not produce side effects, but if you do not pay attention to post-operative care, there will be a small amount of impact. Hair removal may produce slight redness and swelling, skin sensitivity and hot or itchy feeling, if you feel pain, you can apply ice to reduce the pain. Due to the small amount of energy used in the laser hair removal technique, side effects are very rare. Slight redness of the treated area may occur, but this usually disappears within a few hours.

2. It takes 3 to 6 laser sessions for sweat hair to fall out. Because one hair grows in three follicles, a single treatment can only destroy one follicle in a group. It takes time for sweat hair to grow, such as the anagen phase, regression phase and rest phase. Laser hair removal is 75% effective during the anagen phase and almost ineffective during the resting phase.


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