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What needs to notice when choosing laser hair removal treatment

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Why remove hair? Everyone wants their skin to be clean and fair, but some women have thick body hair and dare not wear skirts, especially in summer, when people show their bodies. Because of the thick hair on their bodies, it has a great impact on their overall image and is easy to give to them. Their psychology has caused a great shadow.

Some women have thick and slender lip hair, which looks like a mustache, which directly affects the beauty of the whole person. Hair removal technology or hair removal products can be used to remove the small hair on the lips, so as to achieve a clean and beautiful effect.

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laser hair removal

The main method is to directly irradiate the hair follicles by adjusting a specific wavelength of laser light, and the melanin in the hair follicles can selectively absorb these light energy, which can produce thermal effects to destroy the hair follicles, and make them necrotic and no longer grow hair.

What to do before laser hair removal

Before preparing for laser hair removal, avoid direct sunlight on the hair removal site, and do not shave by yourself on the day of treatment, which will affect the doctor's judgment. Generally, the doctor will help the beauty seeker to shave before the treatment, and the beauty seeker can also shave three or four days in advance after determining the treatment date. People with sunburned, burnt or dry skin, it is best to moisturise and repair, and then operate after the skin returns to normal.

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Is there an age limit for laser hair removal?

Generally, there is no age limit. Most people start to grow vigorously from puberty, so it is more common to start hair loss after puberty.

Is laser hair removal right for everyone?

Laser hair removal treatment is suitable for most people. People with contraindications to laser treatment include: people with photosensitive diseases, epilepsy, severe mental disorders, local skin inflammation, and pregnant women (hair removal treatment itself has no effect on the fetus, but the pain of hair removal may cause uterine contractions, so it is not recommended laser hair removal during pregnancy) and other people above need to be cautious and follow the doctor's advice.

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Is laser hair removal permanent

Laser hair removal can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. Generally, 3-5 treatments are required. This is because hair growth is staged, mainly in three stages: growth phase, regression phase, and telogen phase. Relatively speaking, the effective rate of laser hair removal for hair in the growing period is relatively high, reaching 75%, while the effective rate in the catastrophic period is reduced by more than half, only 25%. Laser hair removal is basically not recommended in the resting period.

Therefore, laser hair removal will only have obvious results after multiple times. Since different parts have different growth cycles, there are also differences in the time between each treatment. For example, the resting period of our head hair is short, and the interval is usually about 1 month. In other places, the resting period of hair is relatively long, and the interval is about 2 months.

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What should pay attention to after laser hair removal?

1. Do not bathe with hot water after hair removal, and do not use shower gel on the day of bathing.

2. When removing hair, you need to avoid skin with dermatitis/acne and other parts, and if you have tattoos on your body, you should also remember to remind the relevant service personnel to avoid it, otherwise it will be very painful.

3. After hair removal, you can use some skin care creams to calm the skin. You can use ice compresses and aloe vera gel to pat, which can calm and reduce inflammation.

4. Within a week after hair removal, irritating products such as scrubs and alcohol cannot be used on the hair removal area.

5. After a week of hair removal, do not expose to the sun, do not do strenuous exercise, when your body sweats too much, the skin will become sensitive.

6. During menstruation, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, it is necessary to avoid hair removal. During these periods, girls are more sensitive to pain, and the skin condition is easily unstable, which is not suitable for hair removal.

7. Eat a light diet and eat less greasy and irritating food, which can effectively avoid skin inflammation and reduce pigmentation.

Regular hair removal carries the risk of infection. Some people like to pluck their hair, but plucking is their own responsibility, as plucking will destroy the cells of the hair follicle. Laser hair removal technology can remove most hairs.

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