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Bestview Laser obtains the first medical device registration certificate for intense pulsed light therapy in Jiangsu Province

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Recently, the intense pulsed light therapy device independently developed by Bestview Laser obtained the "Medical Device Registration Certificate of the People's Republic of China" issued by the Jiangsu Provincial Food and Drug Administration, with the registration certificate number: Suxie registration number 20242091268.

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Principle of intense pulsed light therapy

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is an optoelectronic device based on high-intensity pulsed light, which can emit wide-spectrum strong light with a power of up to kilowatts and energy of up to tens of joules in the form of millisecond pulses. This light can cover multiple target tissues (such as melanin, hemoglobin and water molecules) at the same time, thereby treating multiple skin problems at the same time.

Based on the principle that different tissue structures have different absorption and heat dissipation capabilities for light, light energy of a specific wavelength is absorbed by specific tissues (such as melanocytes and hemoglobin) and converted into heat energy. This heat energy will locally heat the skin tissue, produce a biostimulation effect or directly destroy abnormal tissue.

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Efficient spectrum design

Bestview laser intense pulse light therapy device uses unique wide spectrum technology to reach multiple treatment targets at the same time. It has a good therapeutic effect on pigment diseases and facial capillary lesions, and also has excellent therapeutic effects on hair removal.

Perfect pulse technology improves treatment comfort

The energy emitted by traditional intense pulsed light technology is a decreasing wedge-shaped wave. The energy of the sub-pulses is in a decreasing state and cannot be output evenly, which easily causes unstable energy output and leads to skin side effects (such as burning, pigmentation, etc.).

Bestview Laser's unique power supply technology controls the entire process of the generation and emission of intense pulsed light to obtain a uniform square wave, so that each pulse has a uniform pulse width and balanced energy. It avoids energy attenuation and also eliminates the peaks that exceed the treatment energy at the beginning and end of the pulse, so that the effective energy is just at the critical value of the skin micro-reaction, which not only achieves a better treatment effect but also reduces side effects, thus greatly improving the effectiveness, safety and comfort of the treatment.

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Unique DDC refrigeration technology

Unique DDC refrigeration technology, automatic energy control and temperature management. Automatically control the equipment's operating status and operating parameters to achieve the best refrigeration state. Effectively control the treatment temperature to make the treatment process safe and worry-free.

Bestview Laser adheres to the product concept of continuous improvement, pursuing excellence and striving for perfection. Its energy source medical beauty equipment is deeply loved by European and American consumers. The NMPA certification of the intense pulsed light therapy device will be the starting point for Bestview Laser to expand its domestic market.


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