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Bvlaser Professional medical aesthetic equipment manufacturer

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BVlaser mainly produce medical laser equipment and cosmetic laser equipment. Our factory has its own dust-free laser laboratory. The laser beauty machines we produce include CO2 Fractional Laser machine, diode laser hair removal machine, picosecond laser tattoo removal machine, laser hair growth machine, HIFU, Cryolipolysis machine, 1064nm long pulse laser, etc.

* Our shell injection parts belong to the same supplier as Siemens, Zeiss, Agilent and other companies, and the quality is guaranteed! We can provide our beauty machine housings in custom colors so that the equipment can match your salon color scheme.

* We can print your company logo directly on the beauty machine, as well as integrate it into the machine's software.

* Each beauty machine comes equipped with an instruction book, video for installation and operation, and we also offer free online training service.

* BVlaser provides clinical practice treatment parameters for your reference free of charge and helps you achieve optimal therapeutic effects by using our beauty machine.

* Because we have already cooperated with many beauty salons in many countries and have rich experience, BVlaser can provide local market quotes for clients freely and offer marketing programs for reference.



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